North Coast Microlight Flights

Experience the freedom of flight in a microlight

What To Expect

Microlights flying over Ballito and Durban has become a familiar sight and is one of the favorite activities for holiday makers in Ballito and the North Coast. This introductory microlight flight is maybe one of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever have and introduces you to the world of flying. Spot marine life such as dolphins and whales while taking in the breathtaking scenery from a birds eye view.

Microlights are extremely safe aircraft and and can be enjoyed by the entire family that might want to know what it is like to be a pilot.

We operate from two small airports , one just outside Ballito and the other in Durban North.

Come fly with us and choose if you would like to fly from Ballito or Durban.

Package options

  • 30 Minute flight (Most popular)
  • This flight reaches the southern tip of a reef greatly increasing the chances of spotting marine life. This scenic microlight flight allows enough flight time to orbit over marine life for great photo opportunities.

  • 45 Minute flight
  • This flight covers the entire reef to give you the best chance of spotting marine life with plenty of flight time to orbit and view open stretches of untouched beaches.

  • 60 Minute flight
  • The hour flight routes north past Blythdale , Prince's Grant , Zinkwazi and we turn around at mighty Tugela River mouth.

    This flight gives you an extremely good opportunity to encounter all kinds of marine life such as whales in season.
    Commonly spotted on the hour microlight flight would be dolphins , manta rays , turtles and schools of tuna.

    You will be covering approximately 80 kilometers over the ocean and we just have to mention the unforgettable scenery of the North Coast you will be experiencing from an open cockpit microlight.

  • 90 Minute flight
  • This incredible microlight flight reaches the untouched beaches of the Amatikulu conservancy.

    On a perfect day you will be able to have a surf and turf experience from whale watching to game spotting looking for giraffe and zebra within the Amathikulu game reserve.

    This unforgettable microlight flight covers over 100 kilometers of ocean and your chances of encountering marine animals such as dolphins, turtles and whales in season couldn't be better.

    If microlighting is on your bucket list this flight is probably for you.


    • Arrive at your choice of departure either Ballito or Durban North to meet your pilot and get ready to brace yourself for the experience of a lifetime.
    • Your pilot will brief you on what to expect during take-off as well as during the microlight flight and landing.
    • Last bit of safety talk before take-off and what to look for in the ocean.
    • Take-off with your microlight pilot and have the time of your life :-) !!

    Cancellation Policy

    You can expext a full refund if we cancel the flight as a result of weather or any other reason except for no shows.


    If you do not have something warm and it is needed we will provide you with a jacket.

    Pilots of the highest standard.

    What to bring

    You might want to bring a warm jacket. It could get a bit chilly up in the air

    Additional Information

    Aspiring young pilots are welcome however the physical size of a child might prevent us from securing him or her in the aircraft and for that reason might not be able to fly.

    We do have a weight limit for adults of 120 kilograms.